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If you’ve ever worried about your health, or the health of your kids, and how to make it better, then do we have the Sicker Fatter Poorer show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Leonardo Trasande, and internationally reknowed leader in children’s environmental heath, and the author of a brilliant…albeit unsettling book on endocrine disrupters and health, Sicker Fatter Poorer.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about the Urgent Threat of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to our health and future, and what we can do about it.

Sicker Fatter Poorer Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How’d Dr. Trasande end up in public health policy from Harvard?
  2. What was the Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Disease Burden Working Group?
  3. What did they learn about endocrine disprupting chemicals and why is this so important for us?
  4. What’s the difference between a playground in 1962 and one today?
  5. What are the chemicals with the strongest evidence of health effects?
  6. What are some of the potential side-effects?
  7. What is endocrine disruption?
  8. What’s the difference in these chemicals between the US and Europe?
  9. What’s happening to our babies?
  10. What is the connection between chemicals, diabetes, and obesity?
  11. What do we need to know about BPA, and are the replacements any better?
  12. What’s wrong with the concept “everything in moderation”?
  13. What’s going on with autism in kids (and especially boys) today?
  14. What do we need to know about thyroid hormones especially in newborns?
  15. What can you tell us about pesticides in the brain?
  16. Key ways we can remove these chemicals and improve our lives
  17. What’s a natural mattress and truly natural materials?
  18. What’s wrong with flame retardants?
  19. What do we need to know about packaged foods?
  20. Are plastic containers safe?
  21. What about non-stick pans?
  22. What do we need to know about ADHD and Autism?
  23. What’s wrong with canned foods?
  24. What are obesogens?
  25. What’s a chemical whak-a-mole?
  26. How do we protect our kids?
  27. To find out more visit:www.leotrasande.com

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