How to Get Out of a Funk and Get Rid of Negativity!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by negativity then do we have the how to get over a funk show for you.

Today we’ll talk about all things funk, how we got here, what we can learn, and how in the world to get out of the funk without falling to pieces. That plus we’ll talk about foundation building, awareness of my unawareness, rewarding and loving myself even in small progress, second fast, five-year recap, funky epiphanies, people falling in apart, Saturday night spells, skit skiing bliss, and who in the world is the real Jane Doe (deer that is).

Key Points Discussed:

  • An interesting and energetic time period with people falling apart left and right (03:06)
  • Forgetting the mind map making and how it screwed up a whole day (06:16)
  • Being attached to her motherly role, crushing from worry about her son, and overcoming the whole thing with action (09:54)
  • Surrendering and asking whomever we pray to for the insight and wisdom to know what the next is (11:33)
  • Dealing with the negativity in our mind: Advice from the Dalai Lama (14:04)
  • Performance/Achievement addiction and what it’s all about (17:49)
  • The entrepreneurial dilemma that every entrepreneur experiences (20:30)
  • How we are so overwhelmed by trying to get through life and the emotions we experience on a daily basis (24:00)
  • Falling into wholeness by leaning into the source of one’s fear (30:20)
  • The life review process and the value of discernment (34:50)
  • Seeking purpose and the ten gentle turns that will definitely take place along the path (43:23)
  • Setting the intention each day to work towards what we believe is good for us (44:27)
  • CJ’s form of letting go by adopting a fast mimicking diet (50:00)
  • The most important and positive experience of Michael’s life that had to happen to shift him in an amazing direction (56:58)
  • Doing what we need to do in the moment and loving ourselves up no matter what (1:00:00)

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