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If you’ve ever wanted your greatest year ever, or to Manifest in the new year, then do we have the show for you.

Today I’m airing last night’s ask Michael Anything event from YouTube, on How to Manifest anything in the new year, even a Tesla.

As it’s a live recording outside of the studio, you may hear occasional cat scratches, background noise, and foibles.

So sit back, enjoy the show, and above all else, Shine Bright!!!

How to Manifest Anything Topics Include:

  1. What’s a mind map, and how can one help you to manifest in the New Year?
  2. What’s the importance of coming up with a “theme” for the New Year?
  3. What manifestation work do you want to do each and every morning?
  4. Why it’s important to allow your dream time to manifest?
  5. What’s it mean to stay out of the “dweller”?
  6. What’s the Linking Exercise?
  7. What’s the BS we’re all hiding in the closet?
  8. What’s it mean to heal your childhood programming?
  9. Why is it so important to address your wiring when it comes to manifestation work?
  10. What is a breathing meditation you can do to heal wounds that may be blocking you?
  11. How can you use EFT tapping to stop repeating patterns and help you manifest your dreams?
  12. What’s it mean to watch our language in the New Year?
  13. What’s the dopamine rush we need to watch out for, and how do we do it?
  14. How can we use a vision board for the New Year?
  15. What is a mind movie (courtesy Dr. Joe Dispenza) and how can that help?
  16. What’s the power of gratitude when it comes to manifestation?
  17. Why do we want to go to prayer, and what does that look like?
  18. What’s the importance of a decision, a commitment, and taking action??
  19. What does “action” really look like?
  20. A powerful inner-child healing meditation
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