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If you’ve ever wanted to re-energize during this COVID-19 time, then do we have the spring into your future show for you!

Today we’ll talk about stepping forward, planning ahead, dreaming big, and surfing the positive energy of the springtime.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Doing prAna pants with the tags still on due to the cold weather (02:47)
  • Hosting the chipmunks and getting squirrel kisses from a ground squirrel (05:44)
  • Understanding and speaking the language of the animals (09:56)
  • Owning our power and bringing the peaceful warrior energy during this time (13:29)
  • Letting go of attachment, shifting our lives, and planting seeds to grow (16:36)
  • How the pandemic is breaking CJs heart while opening it up at the same time (19:25)
  • Having Jessica’s blueberry mini-chocolate chip whole wheat pancakes (22:14)
  • Running on off-road trails and doing some cross country skiing (26:42)
  • Less is more on the planning side of things for CJ (31:41)
  • Changes and transformations within the last month, and understanding hardship and how people go through it (32:22)
  • Looking for what will light us up and making something special of it (37:50)
  • Pausing and taking her meditation state from a state to a trait (38:53)
  • The things that can help you strengthen your heart (47:31)
  • Haircut challenges and having two devil-like horns on a recent video (48:18)
  • Following your heart, moving forward from that way, dreaming big and knowing there is positive energy happening (52:09)

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