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If you’ve ever wanted the assistance of the spiritual world, then do we have The Book of Ceremony show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Sandra Ingerman, licensed therapist, shamanic practitioner, and the best-selling author of shamanic Journey, walking in the light, and her latest, beautiful creation, The Book of Ceremony.

The Book of Ceremony Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How did Sandra Ingerman for come to ceremony?
  2. What’s it mean to set up a divine connection within yourself?
  3. What’s it mean to work with the elements?
  4. What’s the importance f greeting and welcoming the ancestors of the land?
  5. What’s it mean to create sacred space and incubate consciosus intentions?
  6. What’s it mean to transform negative thoughts through ceremony?
  7. How can we create positive outcomes by bringing the sacred into everyday life?
  8. What does it mean to bring the sacred into everyday life?
  9. What exactly is ceremony?
  10. How do we create ceremonies in our lives?
  11. When do we want to create ceremony?
  12. What are the most common reasons for holding ceremony?
  13. What does it mean that children are true masters at creating ceremony?
  14. What’s the exponential power of working in a group?
  15. How can ceremony help us when we’re feeling stuck?
  16. What is the true magic that takes place when making ceremony?
  17. What does it mean (and how do we) create sacred space?
  18. How do we choose the right place for our ceremony?
  19. What an we learn about ceremony and a baby’s birth?
  20. What’s the power of drumming?
  21. What’s the power of an altar?
  22. How do we set up an altar?
  23. What do we need to know about electronics and ceremony?
  24. What’s the importance of intention when it comes to ceremony?
  25. What are prayer trees?
  26. How can we use ceremony to help animals who have passed on?
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