Mayan Prophecy and Covid-19! Is it Coming True & is this the End or Just the Beginning? Plus a Shamanic Journey! John Perkins


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If you’ve ever wanted to change your life and change the world, then do we have the Touching the Jaguar show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with John Perkins, the New York Times Best Selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, author of ten books on global intrigue, shamanism, and transformation, a founder and board member of the Pachamama Alliance and Dream Change, and the author of a book that pulls on my heartstrings like no other, “Touching the Jaguar”

And that’s just what I wanna talk with him about today, about Mayan prophecies, eagles and condors, and how to change our lives and change the world.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Everything that an Andean Shaman once told him about virus epidemics (03:16)
  • What the Coronavirus is here to tell us and teach us at this time (06:01)
  • All about being an economic hitman and how he became one (07:55)
  • The death economy that we’ve created and the idea it’s based on (13:07)
  • The prophecy of the eagle and the condor (17:52)
  • The beginning of time and how to open to the portal by joining together and embracing the new possibility (22:35)
  • What does it mean to touch the Jaguar and how do we begin to participate on an individual basis in the new life economy? (25:38)
  • The process that we must all go through to change our perceptions so we can achieve what we desire most in life (30:00)
  • How the world can take steps towards the life economy (34:16)
  • Listening to the earth and becoming a voice of the earth (37:49)
  • The Pachamama Alliance and how it was formed (42:34)
  • The responsibility that we all have of taking care of the long term, not just the short term, for all species (44:00)
  • Taking this time as an opportunity to do all the things that we’ve been desiring and change how we have been living (45:27)

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