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If you’ve ever wanted to use super spy-skills for persuasion, then do we have the Agent of Influence show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Jason Hanson, former cia officer, security specialist, winner of Shark Tank, the best-selling author of Spy secrets that can save your life, and the author of a brilliant page burner on the power of persuasion, Agent of Influence

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about, about how to use spy skills to persuade anyone, stay safe, and improve your life!

Topics Include:

  1. How’d an introvert end up in the CIA?
  2. How does one become a spy?
  3. Does being a spy mean you need to say goodbye to family and friends?
  4. Do you need to look like Tom Cruise or Sean Connery?
  5. What’s the most dangerous thing he can talk about?
  6. Why’d he leave spyhood after 7 years?
  7. How’d he transition back to civilian life?
  8. Do spies make great sales people?
  9. What does treason have to do with sales?
  10. How’d he win at Shark Tank?
  11. What can we learn about communication and life from his experience on Shark Tank?
  12. What’s “the Farm” and what kind of exercises do trainees go through?
  13. What’s the confidence reflex?
  14. How can we cultivate greater confidence???
  15. What does “off the X” mean and why’s it so important?
  16. What’s the importance of collaboration?
  17. What can we learn from a glass thermos and alka-seltzer?
  18. What’s the importance of empathy?
  19. Why are spies so great at business?
  20. What is S.A.D.R. and how can it help us in life?
  21. What’s the importance of remaining humble and teachable?
  22. What’s a bug-out bag???
  23. What’s the integrity test?
  24. How can we tell if someone’s lying in three to five seconds?
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