THE MIND-BLOWING POWER OF SELF-HYPNOSIS!!! Plus a Guided Meditation & Self-Help Tips with Grace Smith


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If you’ve ever wanted to overcome subconscious blocks, then do we have the Close Your Eyes, Get Free show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Grace Smith, master hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy instructor, stress-relief expert, and the author of a brilliant must read for blasting past subconscious blocks, Close Your Eyes, Get Free.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about, about using self-hypnosis to reduce stress, quit bad habits, and achieve greater relaxation, focus and success in all that you do. Plus of course, much greater happiness!!!

Close Your Eyes, Get Free Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How did Grace Smith get introduced to hypno-therapy?
  2. How did she quit drinking?
  3. How did hypnosis help her quit smoking as well?
  4. What did she learn from reading Journey of Souls?
  5. How did she help her early clients, and what was the journey she took them on?
  6. What can we do through hypnosis?
  7. How can we stop negative or ruminating thoughts?
  8. How can we rewire or re-ignite our minds?
  9. What is the subconscious?
  10. Why can’t we alter the subconscious through our conscious minds?
  11. What is really running the show or our lives, and how do we change it?
  12. Why don’t affirmations work as well as we’d like?
  13. What are hypnoaffirmations?
  14. What’s important to know if we say “I want to stop but I can’t”?
  15. How can we access the subconscious minds?
  16. What’s the power of “every day in every way…”
  17. How much can self-hypnosis help?
  18. How quickly can self-hypnosis help?
  19. What were the results of a study done by Grace Smith on people who tried self-hypnosis for one week?
  20. Why can’t you work on peak performance until deeper issues have been addressed in the subconscious?
  21. What are the four steps to mental freedom???
  22. What is hypnobirthing???
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