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Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee's personal story (and discussion) on their Miscarriage, their healing journey, and now pregnancy x2.

An inspiring, heart-warming, and honest discussion (from their recent YouTube live).

Be ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired to get back on your horse, overcome your own challenges, no matter how little or how large, and use this show to power up your positivity!!!!

The Power of Positivity & The Do-Over (Michael and Jessica’s Pregnancy Story)

  1. What happened to Michael and Jessica’s first pregnancy?
  2. What did Michael try to do during the miscarriage process?
  3. How was Jessica after the experience?
  4. What does it mean to focus or “own” your pregnancy or potential positive experience?
  5. What’s the power in sharing with others (rather than hiding challenges)?
  6. What happened when Jessica went to a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat just after her miscarriage?
  7. How we can view challenges as tune-ups for the body, heart and soul?
  8. What can be do for our mindset after we’ve fallen off the horse?
  9. How can you reframe from challenging events???
  10. What it means to invest our well-being in positivity?
  11. What it means to invest in yourself?
  12. What it means to free yourself from your child-hood wounds!!!
  13. What it means to never worry about the past?
  14. Why it’s important to get rid of the “should-a’s” in our lives?
  15. How meditation can help us to erase or rewrite the past?
  16. Why small traumas can actually be beneficial, depending on how we react to things?
  17. What we learned from Paul Selig about the miscarriage?
  18. How daily intention work can help attract in what we desire?
  19. What’s Jessica Lee’s morning routine?
  20. What a “Perfect Pregnancy” Melissa Peer self-hypnosis is like?
  21. Top tools to help you stay in a positive place!
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Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler on Their Miscarriage & Journey Back to Baby-Hood + The Power of the Do-Over!!! Law of Attraction | Fitness | Pregnancy | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Self-Improvement | Self-Help

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