What's Earthing and How it Can Reduce Stress and Inflammation and Change Your Health!!! Earthing Guidance From Clint Ober


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If you’ve ever wanted to understand the science of earthing and why people say you feel better when you’re connected to the earth, then do we have the Earthing Show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Clint Ober, a revolutionary pioneer in the field of Earthing and Grounding, the co-author of a brilliant book on health called “Earthing”, and featured in a brilliant new documentary called “The Earthing Movie” tinyurl.com/earthingnation

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about the science behind how and why reconnecting to the earth is so important especially during a crisis, and why it will give you greater health, better sleep, reduced inflammation, and especially less stress for you and your kids.

To find out more visit: tinyurl.com/earthingnation

Key Points Discussed:

  • What’s the number one reason we want to be connected to the earth during a crisis? (03:23)
  • What is earthing and what does it have to do with free electrons? (07:22)
  • Studies that show connecting the body to the earth changes it for the better (12:17)
  • Regulating or normalizing our hormone cascades and eliminating inflammation through earthing (17:14)
  • How to put out Cytokine storms and the way earthing might help with the Coronavirus (21:38)
  • Sticky blood and the way blood clots lead to strokes, heart attacks and other health problems (28:30)
  • Using grounding to overcome arthritis and end pain in the body (31:13)
  • The negative impact that exercise has on the body and how grounding can help (35:00)
  • Dealing with the emotional storms that are going on right now (38:34)
  • How can being grounded help us from falling into a depressed state? (50:28)
  • The truth around whether the environment is too noisy electronically for anyone to want to be grounded (57:58)
  • Retiring from grounding electronics in the cable industry to grounding people (01:02:30)
  • Incorporating enough carbon into furniture, flooring, or shoes so they can be natural conductors that will keep people’s immune systems stable (01:06:00)
  • The purpose that grounding kits serve (01:07:53)
  • Creating a universal earthing mat and selling more than a million units of it (01:14:00)
  • Having a grounding station in the house to lay down on when you start to lose it (01:18:09)
  • What have you been finding with kids where earthing is concerned? (01:20:54)
  • Using the earthing mat to help improve the health of prematurely born babies (01:30:09)
  • How does someone do grounding when they’re driving in an RV? (01:34:41)

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