Why There's POWER In Giving Up Control: Release The Energy & Let Go with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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Have you been feeling like things are totally out of your control, been giving into negative self-talk, or self-sabotaging? Well that’s okay! Love up the saboteur, don’t judge yourself. Allow yourself to go through this process, and just keep on going! This earth-school is where we have the chance to learn and grow.

Today we’re joined by CJ Liu where we talk all about the power of giving up, giving in, and letting go of whatever assemblance of sanity and control you ever thought you had.

Plus more on Baby Hana being new born size, long nights, no home just yet, writing protocols, ramping up, past lives, 3:1 ratio of positive thoughts and what in the world Mike Dooley and Automatic Writing has to do with anything

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