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Do you want to discover your purpose, find meaning and change your life? Then do we have The Life You Were Born to Live show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dan Millman, former world champion gymnast, coach, martial arts teacher, the run-away international best-selling author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and a phenomenal guide and one-million book best-seller for discovering your life purpose, The Life You Were Born to Live

That is just what I want to talk with him about, about an amazing Life-Purpose system, to find meaning, purpose, and direction in your life.

Plus we’ll talk about the law of love, 9 year cycles, the school of life, majors and minors, the law of flexibility, and why if you don’t like the way I drive you want to get of the side walk. Welcome back!

The Life You Were Born to Live Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. Who did Dan Millman meet after he shattered his leg in college?
  2. How did he become Socrates in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
  3. What is the true story behind Socrates?
  4. Who was the warrior priest who Dan Millman met in 1984?
  5. How did he change Dan’s life?
  6. What will Dan Millman’s last book be?
  7. How did Dan discover what became the “Life-Purpose system”?
  8. Where did the system come from?
  9. What does the system have to do with Numerology?
  10. What does Dan Millman mean that one’s life path is a mountain they get to climb?
  11. How does one determine one’s life path number (you can visit for the Life Purpose Calculator)
  12. What does one’s life path number tell you?
  13. Is each person’s life path number unique?
  14. How can you use your number to guide you?
  15. What does it tell you about your career?
  16. What are the positives and negatives about your life path number?
  17. How does one’s numbers affect their relationships?
  18. What can we learn about our relationship from our numbers?
  19. What are the laws of spirit?
  20. What’s the law of flexibility and how does it affect us?
  21. How did the law of process affect Dan Millman’s life?
  22. What is the law of love?

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