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If you’ve ever a healthier, happier heart, then do we have the Heart Solution for Women (and men too!) show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Mark Menolascino, Medical Director of the Meno Clinic, and the author of a brilliant book at healing your heart, Heart Solution for Women.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about a proven program to prevent and reverse heart disease…and the different needs for women, vs. men.

Topics Include:

  1. Why is heart disease the #1 killer of women today?
  2. Do women have more strokes than men?
  3. Why is heart-disease (and heart attacks) under-diagnosed in women?
  4. Why don’t women show the same signs, symptoms, and even EKG readings as men???
  5. What is functional medicine?
  6. Why is heart-health for women so misunderstood?
  7. What happens to wome right after menopause?
  8. What can we learn about women’s heart health challenges from Dr. Bailey and Grey’s Anatomy?
  9. What’s the link between diabetes and heart disease?
  10. And between alzheimers, depression and heart disease?
  11. What are some of the top health’s around heart disease?
  12. Does plaque really clog your arteries?
  13. What the cholesterol myth?
  14. What do we need to know about fat?
  15. What do we need to know about statins?
  16. Is dieting really the key to reversing heart-disease?
  17. Are all calories created equal?
  18. What is inflammation doing to our bodies?
  19. What does a “baby” have to do with inflammation?
  20. What’s the harm with simple carbohydrates for the heart?
  21. Do happy people have less heart disease?
  22. What can we learn from Dr. Sarno?
  23. What is heart energy?
  24. What is heart-coherence and how can it help us?
  25. What are some of the top foods to eat for heart health?
  26. What do we need to know about healthy hormones and the heart?
  27. What’s the heart gut connection?
  28. What do food sensitivities and a leaky gut have to do with heart health?
  29. What are the top clues of heart disease?
  30. What can your earlobe tell you about the chances of having a heart-attack?
  31. What are the top supplements we want to take for the heart?
  32. What is mitoq?
  33. How and why do we want to get off pharmaceuticals?

To find out more visit: www.menoclinic.com

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