DO IT SCARED! How to Face Your Fears & Find Your COURAGE!!! Ruth Soukup


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If you’ve ever wanted to face the fear and do it anyway then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Ruth Soukup, best-selling author, mega-blogger extraordinaire, and the author of a brilliant on leaning into fear and finding your courage, Do It Scared.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about 7 key principles to find your courage, FACE YOUR FEARS and Do It Scared!

Do It Scared! Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics include:

  1. What happened to Ruth in her earliest years?
  2. How did she become an outcast or a rebel in her teen years?
  3. How did she find the courage to move thousands of miles away to finish school?
  4. What happened when she came back from the Netherlands?
  5. What drove her to attempt suicide?
  6. How did she end up in and out of psychiatric hospitals?
  7. What happened when anti-depressants and even shock therapy (think “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” didn’t work.
  8. At 23 she thought she’d ruined her life forever, how did she begin taking it back?
  9. How did her dad help save her life?
  10. How and when did faith play a role in her turn-around???
  11. How did she find the courage to start her own business?
  12. What was her big fat hairy goal?
  13. What are the seven principles to find your courage?
  14. What’s the importance of daring to think big?
  15. Why do we want to have a stretch goal?
  16. What’s a fate worse than failure – and how do we avoid it?
  17. Why are rules for suckers???
  18. Why do you need to “own it” and what does this mean???
  19. What’s it mean to let go of the victim’s card???
  20. What’s the importance of embracing honest feedback???
  21. What does Ruth mean there are no mistakes only lessons?
  22. Is balance over-rated?
  23. Is it okay to get obsessive???
  24. How do we just keep going, no matter what???
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Ruth Soukup of the Do It Scared Blog and Podcast on Her Amazing Journey & the 7 Key Principles to Finding Your Courage!

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