HARDWIRE YOUR BRAIN FOR HAPPINESS!!! Plus a Guided Meditation | Dr. Rick Hanson


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If you want to be happier, feel happier, or feel more positivity in your life, and no matter how you much you try, you just can’t get that stick…well then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and author of Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture.

Today we’ll be talking about Hardwiring Happiness, or creating the grooves in the record that help us get positive, stay positive, or return to a positive state of being, almost no matter what…we’ll talk about why to do it, how to do it, and how it can literally transform your life.

Plus we’ll talk about tapioca pudding, weeding dandelions, neural Darwinism, Green Brain, Red Brain, A Joyful Amygdala, and what paper tigers, have to do with anything.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How did Rick go from a ‘shy, dorky, nerdy kid’ to where he is today.
  2. Why it’s important to let the good sink into you.
  3. How to marinate in the positive – and how it makes you stronger and kinder
  4. What happens with zombie worms
  5. Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage -
  6. How we can learn & grow on an exponential curvilinear way’
  7. How are brains are constantly being shaped by our experiences
  8. Why our brains are wired to look for the negative – and why it’s so important to hold the negative in mindful awareness
  9. What is paper tiger paranoia?
  10. How and why you deliberately want to take in the good
  11. Why we need to change the world inside to change the world outside
    1. And how “the personal is the political and the political is the personal”
  12. How do we hack our brain
  13. What we do to H.E.A.L ourselves
  14. How we get better at the installation of our beneficial experiences into our brains
  15. How to get the most out of our beneficial experiences, even the 1’s and 2’s out of 10’s.
  16. How you link to a negative experience to make it a positive.
  17. Why our brains are designed to learn from negative experiences, particularly negative experiences in childhood – why we’re designed to overlearn and hold onto it…aka why we often can’t ‘get over it’
  18. How do we use these techniques to help our children?
  19. Where can people find Foundations of Wellbeing – RickHanson.net
    1. Freely offered resources
    2. Talks, videos, writings, interviews
    3. The Foundations of Wellbeing – Comprehensive Collection of Resources
      1. Tara Brach
      2. Barbara Frederickson on positive emotions
      3. Sue Carter on oxytocin the love hormone
      4. Dan Siegel positive neuroplasticity
  20. Plus (Mindfulness) Stress-Releasing, Relaxing Meditation

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