HOW TO DODGE ENERGY VAMPIRES!!! Dr Christiane Northrup


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If you’ve ever struggled with people who drain you, then do we have the Dodging Energy Vampires show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr Christiane Northrup, a NY times best-selling author, visionary pioneer in the field of women’s medicine and the author of a liberating new book, Dodging Energy Vampires.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about evading relationships that drain you and restoring your health, and your power!

Dodging Energy Vampires Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How has Dr. Christiane Northrup experienced energy vampires?
  2. Why do they prey on empaths?
  3. What’s an empath?
  4. What’s an old-soul empath?
  5. What are super traits?
  6. How do negative reviews and emails hurt?
  7. Where are empaths such people pleasers?
  8. How do wounds end up running our lives?
  9. What’s an energy vampire?
  10. How many people are energy vampires?
  11. What can we learn from Tibetan monks and diabetes?
  12. What’s the challenge with just sending loving kindness?
  13. What do we need to know about the immune system?
  14. What is cluster b?
  15. What do empaths end up in bad relationships?
  16. How can we tell if we’re with an energy vampire?
  17. How do we assess our relationship and ourselves?
  18. What do we do to keep safe on social media?
  19. What does it mean thtat love is toxic to a toxic person?
  20. How do we clear old energy?
  21. How do we find self-worth and self-love?
  22. What does nasal breathing have to do with anything?
  23. What can we do when we sleep to take back our power?
  24. What does it mean we are the light?
  25. How do we step back into the light?
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