HOW TO FEEL ALIVE & LIVE A LIMITLESS LIFE!!! Joe De Sena Founder & CEO of Spartan (Race)


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If you’ve ever wanted to make a better life and do great things, then do we have The Spartan Way show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Joe De Sena serial entrepreneur, ultra-endurance athlete, founder of the Spartan Race Series, and the author of a take-no-prisoners inspiring look at life, The Spartan Way.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how to be better, think better, and live a limitless life.

Topics Include:

  1. How did Joe De Sena end up working for the mafia???
  2. Who is Joe the Ear?
  3. What did Joe De Sena learn from the mafia?
  4. What’s the importance of committing to something?
  5. What’s the importance of following through?
  6. What was the transcendence run and what did he learn from watching it?
  7. Did he want to become part of the mafia?
  8. Why did he look up to them and how does our environment affect us?
  9. How’d he end up walking away from the mafia?
  10. What happened when he went to Wall Street, and how’d he walk away from that?
  11. Why did Joe De Sena put on “The Death Race”?
  12. What happened when he entered the 500 mile Raid International Ukatak?
  13. What happened on a cliff in below-zero conditions?
  14. What’s the difference between difficult situations and desperate ones?
  15. What’s the importance of putting ourselves out on a limb?
  16. What’s our true north?
  17. What does self-awareness have to do with finding our true north?
  18. How do we stop negative thinking?
  19. What’s the importance of writing our obituary?
  20. Who in the world are the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei?
  21. What can we learn from Steven Pressfield about “Being Pro”?
  22. What’s it mean to fuel your enthusiasm?
  23. What’s it mean to live the Spartan Way?
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