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Fun, heart-felt, inspiring interview with CJ Liu on how to find greater peace and bring things back under control, when you're feeling spun, or in the middle of your first-trimester of pregnancy.

On top of learning how to surf the waves of change, find peace, and get centered again, we update you on Jessica Lee's (Producer of Inspire Nation) pregnancy from her first ultra-sound and more!

What a beautiful, inspiring, behind the scenes look at how we're handling the waves of change, and how you can too - with more grace and ease than you've ever imagined!

If you're surfing unsettled seas, or the waves of change (and who isn't these days!) then this show is for you!!!


Find Greater Peace Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What Michael and Jessica discovered from their first ultrasound?
  2. What blueberries and babies have to do with anything?
  3. When Michael and Jessica can find out the sex of the baby?
  4. What Sir Meowsers has had to do with the pregnancy, and how he’s stepped up to the plate! (And how he’s become King Meowsers!!!)
  5. Why Jessica’s broken down for dumplings?
  6. What are the cravings Jessica has had in her early pregnancy??
  7. How Michael “the vegan” began cooking her eggs!
  8. What’s the importance of your “nest” and decluttering your environment???
  9. What Michael’s done to help Jessica when she got really queasy (and what charcoal had to do with anything!)
  10. What happened to Michael on a surprising 3 hour cross country ski???
  11. What’s the importance of asking for help if you need it???
  12. Why being “lost” can be a good thing?
  13. Why becoming unmoored can be a positive thing?
  14. What it means to embrace and relax into the chaos to create something new?
  15. What it means to bring your “A game” energy?
  16. What it means you’re in an “upward spiral” no matter what?
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