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If you’ve ever wanted your greatest summer ever, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll talk about waking up, living intentionally, and setting your sights on your goals, whether that’s the most beautiful summer ahead, or anything else your heart desires.

Topics Include:

  1. What do birdfeeders and Western Tanagers have to do with summertime?
  2. What’s the importance of connecting with wildlife and Nature for this summer?
  3. What’s it mean to be a walking, talking expression of land?
  4. What’s the importance of setting intention for the summer ahead?
  5. How do we set an intention, and what does this mean?
  6. Why a big adventure or journey this summer will absolutely change you?
  7. How to set intention for the next phase of your life?
  8. How to go into the summer more awake and aware than ever?
  9. What it means to peel away the traumas that are stuck inside of us?
  10. What it means to do “the work” to make yourself lighter for the summertime?
  11. What will be coming up for the Inspire Nation Show after this summer?
  12. Why the Summer is the perfect time for great change?
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  14. What’s the importance of “surrender” for this summer???
  15. What is a two-step dance with the Universe?
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