HOW TO REDISCOVER YOUR AUTHENTIC NATURE!!! Self-Help & Spirituality Tips from Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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If you’ve ever wanted superpowers, then do have the plug back into nature show for you.

Today we’ll talk about the healing, quieting, zen-like, and recharging powers of nature, and how to access it almost from your back door.

Plus we’ll talk about San Francisco trip, nature’s healing, passion-compassion, finishing Camino, integrating new parts, extroversion, the power of scenery, action, smells, decoration, incense, meditation, channeling energy, earthing animal, sliding in the mud, and what in the world chipmunk breakfasts have to do with anything.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Becoming more simple and not trying to think and understand how everything works (02:44)
  • The meaning that one gets from the Camino and learning that nature heals us (05:26)
  • Rediscovering our authentic nature and walking into our beingness (10:08)
  • Tuning in to the signals and the power of operating in the felt sense (17:18)
  • Healing and transitioning by learning from a group of people who have gone through a transition (22:53)
  • The theory of relativity, going through a wormhole and letting things be (27:11)
  • How unplugging from oneself can help in discovering and expanding our consciousness (31:27)
  • The time and energy efficiency of letting life do its thing (33:48)


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