HOW TO RELAX & RECOVER FROM ANYTHING!!! Plus a Guided Meditation | Michael Sandler


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Today I’ll be airing our recent YouTube Live On Relaxing and Recovering. So please excuse the possible foibles, audio quality, and occasional Sir Meowsers Bumps.

So sit back, have fun and above all else, shine bright!!!

Relax and Recover from Anything Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What happened with Michael and Jessica after their second miscarriage?
  2. What it means that sometimes you have to go down in order to come up higher?
  3. What it means to let go of the fight and surrender into whatever’s taking place.
  4. What it means to be with the experience, no matter what?
  5. What’s the spiritual significance behind anything and how you can begin to find yours.
  6. What we can learn from Louise Hay and how to determine the spiritual significance behind any physical condition?
  7. What does it mean to look at getting your “house in order?”
  8. What can we do when things appear to be going “wrong” around us?
  9. What’s the importance of cranking p the self-love when things are getting chaotic or feel like they’re spinning out of control”?
  10. How we can take it easy on ourselves (and our ego) when things are going down?
  11. Going down can give you extra time to step back and look big-picture at your life and events going on.
  12. What does it mean to understand you cannot please your ego – and what to do about it?
  13. What does it mean to breathe deeply into things?
  14. What does it truly mean to step back?
  15. Why is it so important during these times to let go of expectations?
  16. What’s a tool to help us truly love ourselves up?
  17. Powerful guided meditation to help you feel better
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