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I must admit, I’ve been enamored with Rumi ever since I began my spiritual journey, or took my first step down the cobblestoned road to spirituality.

And so meeting a Rumi expert, and one so heart-opened, and alive as Kalma K. Kapur was such a special treat. We bonded, and shared from the heart, and she took me on such a special journey with her stories.

I am completely smitten with this interview, how expansive it is, how it makes me feel, and the joy and courage for life I’ve gained from Kalma, from her courage, and for the lessons from Rumi she shares.

Live isn’t all easy, nor was it meant to be…it’s a profound and important message from Rumi. For if we truly understand our greatness, our connectedness, and how our challenges are here to help us and to serve us, it truly changes everything!!!

I hope you enjoy this interview, and the amazing Kalma K. Kapur, as much as I did.

Enjoy and Shine Bright!!!


If you’ve ever wanted to dive deep and heal your heart, then do we have the RUMI, TALES OF THE SPIRIT show for you

Today I’ll be talking with Kamla K. Kapur, award winning author, poet, Rumi Scholar, and the author of a soulful, heart-expanding book, RUMI, Tales of the Spirit.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about Rumi’s writing’s, teachings and a journey to healing the heart!

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