TURN YOUR MISTAKES INTO GOLD!!! CEO Skip Prichard on The Book of Mistakes!


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Brilliant interview with Skip Prichard, serial CEO and the author of a brilliant book on how your mistakes can serve you!

I learned a lot from this interview about the power of our mistakes, in helping us reach our greatest success!

So today I'm talking about 9 mistakes and 3 laws to help us greatest our happiest, most productive future.


The Book of Mistakes Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How did Skip begin asking about people’s mistakes?
  2. Why do different people with similar challenges end up with such dramatically different results?
  3. What’s the importance of fulfilling our life’s purpose?
  4. How do we begin to discover our purpose?
  5. What are the nine mistakes we get to learn from to have our greatest lives?
  6. What’s the danger of working on someone else’s dream?
  7. What does it mean to allow someone else to define your value?
  8. What’s the harm in labeling ourselves???
  9. What’s the importance of being true to yourself?
  10. What do we all do with excuses that stops us in our tracks?
  11. Why is it so important to guard our inner voice?
  12. Why is it so important to surround ourselves with the “right” people?
  13. What’s it mean to surround ourselves with people who will help us achieve our purpose?
  14. What’s the danger of our comfort zone, and how much do we want to stretch ourselves?
  15. Are there was to make our setbacks temporary or use them to empower us?
  16. Why is it so important we stand out instead of blend in?
  17. What can we learn from Mozart???
  18. What does greatness have to do with standing out???
  19. Is there really an unlimited amount of success available, and what does this mean for us????
  20. How do we turn jealousy and envy into curiosity?
  21. What’s the importance and benefit of realizing we have a limited amount of time?
  22. To find out more visit: www.Skipprichard.com

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