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First a shout out to a listener…my mother, Connie. She listens sporadically to the show, but she tuned into my episodes with Scott and they really grabbed her attention. She was so excited what Scott is doing that she shared with her local family owned restaurant (I think they might be there everyday) the story of what Scott’s doing. They then got her into contact with their distributor who really caught on to Scott’s vision for creating work for those living with disabilities and they have now brought his wine into their area, a new market for Scott and 100% wine. So cool.

Scott was one of my first guests that I asked what challenge the world could help him with and finding new markets was one of them. Who knew it would be my mom spurring that on! That’s why you put the challenge out there.

Anyway, let’s listen to the full episode with Scott Monette, Founder of 100% Wine, a company dedicated to giving 100% of profits to organizations that are creating meaningful work for the 53 Million Americans living with disabilities. In addition, we’ll hear his thoughts on being a B Corporation.

Be inspired that you can create a business that is driven by a strong calling or purpose.

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