Shifting Your Focus On You Through Inner Growth


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Exploring shifting your focus on you through inner growth; how this shift allows you to pursue more for and of yourself, and the situation life brings your way; what external distractions mean to your inner discovery, self-empowerment, and mind and heart communication, and more; how as you shift focus on you, the same external distractions assist you to get to know and pursue you from the heart (bringing forth the essence of you); in what ways inner growth gets you to consistently shift focus on you, both heart and mind, the essence of you, the higher consciousness of you, and the infinite options you hold within to work through and explore any area and/or event of your life holds (both from within you and outside of you to bring forth in the world with love and harmony); how this process doesn't entail the external, but how you share with the external the love you learn, the compassion you grow, the infinite knowledge you gain, and much, much more that is connected to being human, which you uncover continuously more through your shift in focus on you (the inner and outer world together). --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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