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What if you could know everything without knowing anything? On today’s episode, Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi explains how this mental paradigm shift can powerfully improve your life and your career. Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi is a thought leader in leadership development, procurement, project management, and supply chain management. He co-developed the Best Value Approach through a 26-year global research effort. This groundbreaking model is the most licensed technology at Arizona State University in the past 20 years and has been tested on over 2,000 projects valued over $2 billion, with a 98% success rating and savings of 10-30% on all project costs. The global success of the Best Value Approach inspired Dr. Jacob to author the No-Influence Leadership Model, a radical approach to teaching leadership skills to students and professionals. This unique methodology empathizes that effective leadership is about understanding and aligning expertise without attempting to change or influence others. Dr. Jacob has taught this approach to over 8,000 management professionals, 1,500 college students, and 1,200 high school students. He has personally mentored over 150 students helping them use the No-Influence to develop lucrative careers and overcome personal instability. LINKS Jacob Kashiwagi on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/jacobkashiwagi Jacob Kashiwagi’s Book “In Search of Truth” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KGKQZ3N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_x4F7BbGK04DCS Kashiwagi Solution Model Inc. http://ksm-inc.com Leadership Society of Arizona http://leadaz.org Jacob Kashiwagi’s Email jacob.k@leadaz.org

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