A Micro Session on Microlearning: Live from the IDIODC Meetup & Hangout at DevLearn


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DevLearn is here and so is the IDIODC gang! For this episode of IDIODC, show hosts Brent and Chris bring together the next IDIODC Meetup & Hangout live and in-person at DevLearn 2019. We wanted to be able to have you guys join us virtually! The gang hangouts, networks, and chats over a cup of coffee on Wednesday, October 23 (the first day of the DevLearn Conference and Expo). Will you be in Vegas for DevLearn for this time? Check out the session live and sign up to save your spot.

What's DevLearn? - DevLearn is commonly known as one of North America's favourite cutting edge conferences for technologies. Every year without fail, The eLearning Guild brings outstanding keynotes, sessions and activities allowing for some serious learning and networking opportunities.

So what are we talking about in this cast? - Microlearning, check out this cast for a micro session on the topic. The gang goes over the variety of things that seem to be called microlearning these days. Is Microlearning just small lessons? Or is it something else? Is it important to include in learning? And is it even a “good” thing at all? Join for the chat live from DevLearn at the IDIODC Meetup & Hangout to get the scoop on mircolearning and hear about some awesome examples of such - it will be like you're actually here.

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Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions.

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