Are you ready for the rise of the hybrid instructional designer roles? With Myra Roldan


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Are you ready for the rise of the hybrid Instructional Design roles? According to Burning Glass Technologies, a labor market analytics company,“ More and more jobs are “hybrids,” combining skill sets that never used to be found in the same job, such as marketing and statistical analysis, or design and programming.”

In this episode of IDIODC Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden talking with Myra Roldan who has been researching the changes in the job market to identify the new knowledge, skills, and abilities that are and will be required for various roles across a number of industries (including a number of training roles) in order to develop competency-based education programs.

Myra shares some of her findings and strategies / tools that you can use to skill, cross skill, upskill, or reskill yourself in order to prepare yourself for the job market evolution.

Myra Roldan is a TEDx speaker, author, Award-winning Instructional Designer. Myra has an MBA, MSEd and a Bachelors of Information Technology/Computer Science. Myra's passion is empowering people to explore and develop themselves holistically. She strives to evoke transformation in people by creating programs to enable them to become curious learners who develop the tech skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Her friends, students, and colleagues believe that her superpower is the ability to make complex technology accessible by making it easy for someone with little to no technology know-how to understand and get excited about the tech.

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