It’s Easy Being Green – Lessons From Green Screen Experiments With Jac Hutchinson


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This week's IDIODC is about green screen and sharing the experiences and experiments of an instructional designer trying to put it into practice. It's more than just a conversation with an expert. Today is about sharing a story of learning. In this session, you'll learn a lot about green screen, what it is, how much it costs, what tools to use, and how it can be misused. As video technologies drop in price, and the demand for video content increases, all IDs should know the basics as well as the intermediate and advanced tips and tricks of video production. Join us this week with an great IDIODC Community member and returning guest Jac Hutchinson as she shares her experiments in green screen and learn just how easy it is to be green.

Jacqueline is the CEO of e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc., a Caledon, Ontario based instructional design and development firm offering outsourced eLearning instructional design, development and LMS administration. e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc.'s focus is instructional design and program development with the goals to solve your business problems and encourage behaviour change. Jac's team also creates online and blended learning solutions, job aids, workbooks, checklists and any other learning aid required. You can find eLearning Pros Instructional Design Inc here:

Jac loves sharing information, especially information about learning, development and employee performance improvement. Also a dedicated lifelong learner, dedicated to spend time every day reading, researching and learning. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Education, Adult Education from Brock University, and a BA with a declared Legal Studies Option from the University of Waterloo.

Jacqueline also has a podcast on elevating corporate learning and educational technologies. You can catch that here:

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