Learning xAPI One Piece at a Time With Andrew McGuire


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Are you looking to venture into the xAPI, but don’t know where to start? Are you all thumbs when it comes to code? It may seem simple but for Andrew McGuire a journey with xAPI started by building the most basic of elements.

Andrew is excited to share with you the details about how he found a simple (not easy) way to learn how to use xAPI.

Andrew began working at his current position thinking xAPI as a nothing more than a replacement to SCORM. He had also done little more than edit code. Then he found an article on how to send statements to an LRS from a basic webpage. Through many failures, he focused on getting the core elements working and then adding on to that. In this way, he was able to implement a webpage utilization tracker with xAPI that fit his company’s business needs.

Since then, he has been able to lead an effort that got xAPI implemented into an enterprise-wide performance support utilization tracking solution. This was done by developing iterative prototypes that added value, researching existing resources, and getting plugged into an active L&D network.

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