Re-envisioning Training Strategies Through a Learner-Centric Lens: With Special Guest Bianca Baumann


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During this episode of IDIODC, Brent and Chris bring back on Bianca Baumann to chat about learner-centric styles of training. Similar to the first discussion with Bianca on staying relevant in today's age of technology (you can catch the recording of that conversation here:, the gang discusses the core of what's important in our eLearning - ways to stay engaging and relevant.

L&D professionals think they know what’s best for their learners, but do they? When was the last time we asked? When developing new training strategies, L&D professionals often assume what learners want and need. It could be based on a current performance issue, or because a new product or service is introduced. Whereas training might be the solution, maybe a short email would do. And even if training is needed, what should it look like?

In her new eBook The Little Black Book of Marketing, Bianca describes ways of re-envisioning training strategies through the use of marketing techniques that are focused on the learner.

Bianca, Chris and Brent will highlight:

  • Use of training campaigns for learner-centric content
  • Leveraging data points to uncover training needs
  • Use of personas to understand the learners needs

Bianca is a curious, self-driven and results-focused professional with 10+ years in the Education field. She is a consultant on learning solutions and leverage data to make learning stick, personalized and delivered just-in-time. Bianca has a mix of education, digital marketing and customer success experience. She's not one for the LMS, seat-time or the next button. Challenging the status quo, Bianca asks the tough questions in order to bring L&D into this century, leaving behind old learning styles that don't work.

Learn more about Bianca on her LinkedIn.

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