Reading Digital Body Language - It's the New A in Your ADDIE Model: With Special Guest Jo Cook


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In the past, teachers were responsible for “reading the room” and “getting a feel” for how learners were responding. But todays technologies help us discover more about them through their digital body language.

Digital Body Language is more than just how you look on your webcam. That’s analog body language as seen through the webcam lens…and it’s important. But did you know that everything you do online tells us…them…someone… a little more about you and what your needs are, or might be? This has been the realm of digital marketing for decades, but it’s important to instructional designers as well. The learning experiences we create are part of a larger learning experience for the user. They may attend a virtual classroom session, take a self-paced eLearning course, and consume short videos to refresh the learning. And they’ll also be joining communities and chatting with peers about the same content. All of those contribute to learning and using analytics we can use data to discover what they need.

Jo Cook is a speaker, instructional designer and classroom facilitator who specializes in virtual classrooms, webinars and live online learning technology. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals and organizations embrace the benefits of the virtual classroom.

Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo has specialized in training learning professionals about virtual classroom design and delivery since 2013 and has spoken on various topics at conferences such as Learning Technologies, Online Educa Berlin and keynoted for Colleges Wales and E-learning Fusion.

Jo is also part-time is the Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website and her background include: further and higher education; the charity sector; small and large organizations, including CNN News and Bupa International.

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