Episode 341: Accelerating the Deal Cycle by Finding Your Ideal Customer With Jennifer Holtvluwer of Spirion


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“If you’re not targeting the folks that can best benefit, you’re wasting a lot of time and resources on audiences that are never going to buy.”

Jennifer Holtvluwer is the chief marketing officer at Spirion, the leader in data privacy and protection software. Their solutions discover, classify, and remediate sensitive personal data that are highly targeted by cybercriminals. Jennifer’s passion is to protect what matters most – the personal data privacy and data security of Spirion’s colleagues, customers, and the community. Spirion builds and delivers the most accurate data discovery and classification solutions on the planet so that we can ultimately protect humanity (yes, humanity) by eliminating data privacy breaches. Period. Jennifer is guided by the belief that customers don’t want fast and easy – they want accurate and persistent.

Listen & Learn:
  • Tips for finding your ideal customer.
  • The importance of providing value sooner to your customers.
  • Provide what is meaningful to your customers so you can better market to them.
  • Why you should know your buyer’s consequence.
  • Ways to move customers through the funnel to acquisition more quickly.

Finding and messaging to your ideal customer to accelerate the deal cycle. Call LORI JONES today at 303-678-7102 to learn more!

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