Accelerating Genomics Analytics with the Broad Institute + Intel – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 195


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In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Geraldine Van der Auwera, Director of Outreach and Communications for Data Sciences Platform at the Broad Institute, joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the Broad Institute’s collaboration with Intel and Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics. The Intel-Broad Center for Genomic Data Engineering was launched in 2017 and works to optimize data pipelines and make data available more quickly. Genomics analysis creates enormous amounts of data to process, and together they developed Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics. Geraldine finds value in Select Solutions because the provided configurations are tailored for genomics workloads. They are verified by Intel, customized for complicated genomics pipelines, and ready to work right out of the box. The result is end-to-end processing that’s faster and won’t create a backlog.

Learn more about the Broad Institute at and GATK at Explore Intel Select Solutions and other performance optimized configurations at:

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