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1. INTRO We are thrilled to have Gray Malin as a guest on the podcast today. Gray is an amazing fine art photographer and author. He is best known for holding a camera out of a helicopter and shooting the world’s most exotic beach locations all over the world. You get a bird’s eye view of the colorful umbrellas, towels and sunbathing bodies. His first book entitled “BEACHES”, which came out in 2016, showcases this iconic beach photography. It is a gorgeous coffee table book. Gray has photographed locations such as Saint-Tropez, France, Capris, Italy, Australia, Rio de Janeiro, Antarctica, Dubai and many more. His newest book entitled “ITALY” is available for pre-order on Amazon . A Signed Collectors Edition is available for pre-order as well on his website . It features the breathtaking beaches of the Italian coastline. If you can’t hop on a plane to visit these exotic locations, you can live vicariously through the stunning photography in these books. Gray has really become a “lifestyle” brand. You can you purchase the incredible photography, beach towels, iphone cases, pouches, wallpaper, trays and so much more right from the website. H e recently partnered with Splendid, a clothing brand, where his images have been translated onto wearable items.

2. BACKGROUND Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started. What is your favorite location to shoot and why?

The book - ITALY A. How long did it take to produce this book? B. You’ve been to so many places all over the world, why Italy?

3. BERMUDA A. We are obsessed with this series and how you captured the jet-set lifestyle of the 50s and 60 in Bermuda. Please tell us the story of how this came to be and what was involved in the shoot in regard to the vintage props, models, etc.

4. PERSONAL LIFE A. You recently had new additions to your family. Share this exciting news with our listeners. B. Tell us about your new Michigan home renovation.


Gray malin social media channels: Instagram: @graymalin and @graymalinpersonal Facebook: @graymalin Twitter: @graymalin Pinterest @graymalin

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