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We are excited to have Jay Helser as our guest today. We were very honored that Helser Brothers was our very first “podcast sponsor”. It’s so nice to do business with nice people who not only have a lot of pride in their company but do so many things right!

1. A Bit About Helser

    1. Fully custom manufacturer of drapery hardware sold to the trade
      1. Their customer service agents (called the “Rod Squad”) are trained to help designers and drapery workrooms work out solutions to difficult window configurations. They are “retired” interior designers and drapery workroom owners with many decades of experience.
    2. They have an outstanding reputation
    3. Any order over $100 is shipped free
    4. Equipped with vintage tools to produce hand forged wrought iron hardware and modern tools to produce contemporary hardware
    5. 24 years in business. Started with his brother Mark when they were in their mid 20’s
  1. Tell us about the “early days”
    1. Your background
    2. The “doorbell” story ☺
    3. Your family
    1. How many employees do you have?
    2. What is the size of your office/operation?
    3. What challenges do you face?
    4. What are the biggest changes in the industry that you’ve seen in your 24 years in business?
    5. What are you most proud of?
    6. What is the future of Helser Brothers?

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