Mystical Connections- "Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice" with Joshua Schmude


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Join us! We will be joined by our Host and Founder of International Angels Network, Claudia Ibarra interviews her Special Guest: Joshua Schude...Plus she will be taking your Calls for FREE Mini-Readings and to discuss the show Topic! GET YOUR BOOK COPIES TODAY! >>> Joshua is giving away 5 FREE Reversal Analysis Readings email to: Subject: International Angels Network Our network is sponsored by Audible by Amazon. Get your free audiobook TODAY! SEE OUR DIRECTORY! >>> WE ARE ON YOUTUBE! SUBSCRIBE >>> BECOME A PATRON! >>> DISCLAIMER: Please use your own judgment and intuition in making decisions and life choices. Readings are for entertainment and information purposes only. International Angels Network, its hosts, sponsors, guests, advertisers, and affiliates, are not responsible for actions taken by listeners before, during, after or as a result of listening to broadcasts.

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