E28 AD: Moonbase Theta, Out - Dr. Just (2019)


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Moonbase Theta, Out is written and produced by D.J. Sylvis. This episode featured David S. Dear, Hazel Stapp, Elissa Park, Leeman Kessler, Sarah Wheatley, Sara Rhea Werner, Jen Ponton, Tau Zaman, Mel Hartman, Cass McPhee, and Mandy Hall, who also provided editing assistance.

Super-extra-special thanks to Jen Greenwich, who listened to all my silly ramblings about tardigrades and provided sound scientific advice, which I mostly ignored in favour of making shit up.

The theme music is the track, "Star," by the band, "Ramp" - you can find them at ramp-music.net; and this episode also featured their tracks, "Blush," "Rising Falling", and "Watersail." Additional music during the dream sequence came from the track, "Sloth," by Sounds Like An Earful Music Supply - you can find them at soundslikeanearful.com. All sound effects came from https://freesound.org/ - you can find further attribution on our website, monkeymanproductions.com.

You can find more about the show there as well (including links to all episodes and transcripts) and on our Facebook, and under the Twitter accounts @MonkeymanProd and @MoonbaseThetaOu. Thanks for listening, and keep watching the Moon!


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