#112 - Kate Howells - Apollo 8


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This week features Kate Howells from the Planetary Society and Canada. Jamie and Matt bring you the week's space news Space Legend of the week - Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko - Birthday Space Word of the week - AUTOGENOUS PRESSURISATION Space Mission of the week - Prometheus / Bepi Columbo Space Fact of the week - Colliding Galaxies Space Song playlist on spotify bit.ly/spacesongs If you enjoy the show please go over to www.Patreon.com/Interplanetary and become a Patron or even a producer of the show. If you enjoy why not join the BIS at www.bis-space.com the oldest space advocacy organisation in the world. Subscribe on iTunes itunes.apple.com/podcast/id1097505801 Subscribe on Stitcher www.stitcher.com/podcast/interplanetary-podcast Hosts: Matt Russell and Jamie Franklin Music: Matt Russell / Iam7 Additional Narration: George Russell www.interplanetary.org.uk @interplanetypod

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