ASMR, Asexuals, and Sex (Stephanie Si)


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Stephanie Si is back to talk about asexuals and/or demisexuals like herself who masturbate and who find creative ways to have sex outside of the kind where a penis goes in any of the 3 major orifices. She calls it her “no 3 holes” policy.

We briefly talk about Racism and the criminal system as well as the idea of sexual consent and the #metoo movement.

We also talk about forms of ASMR like roleplays of boyfriend, husband, or sex; and forms of ASMR that perform a function like fall asleep, destress, or love and comfort.

I’m super interested in making ASMR content, so let me know if you have any requests. You can reach me at As always, if you like the show, tell a friend or write us a review to help other sex and relationship nerds find us.

Stephanie’s Blog is Stephanie also has a Youtube Channel called The Whorely Virgin. Here’s an example of her Slutty Sunday content.

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