S1:E5: All Appointments Life (Asteroids Part 2)


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Into the Vertical Blank - Generation Atari: Season 1, Episode 5. All Appointments Life (Asteroids Part 2 )

This is the second episode where we will be covering the game Asteroids in story and discussion form. We have a story from 8bitjeff, and also very nice contributions Shinto, and Jim Fullerton.

The discussion dives into versions of Asteroids (and clones) after the arcade 2600, 5200 and Vectrex. These the Atari 7800, ST, Lynx, and various versions released for more modern hardware.

All music, sound FX and production on the Episode By Jeff and Steve Fulton.

Download an EXE file of Jeff’s Retro Evolved Asteroids game, Retro Blaster.

If you have the Flash Plug-in, you can play the browser version of Retro Blaster here.

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If you have the Flash Plug-In, you can play the Book Asteroids game called Blaster Mines

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