INTOXICA RADIO June 18, 2019 Tribute to Gary Schneider plus also Dr John & Jules Blattner...


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Join me tonight (first live show in 3 weeks!) for a wild and heartfelt ride through the 50s & 60s honoring our fallen comrades! Dr John, Jules Blattner & our own beloved Gary Schneider! There will be a full fledged tribute to Gary from all here at Luxuria that can contribute! Stay tuned for that in a month or so...see ya tonite!! Oh man there’ll some doozies, some floozies, and some boozies...maybe even some newzies (don’t count on it, but it DID rhyme) grab your Intoxidrool cup©, plug in your iTard©, strap yourself in the spinning (and sometimes talking) chair, and join me tonite ALIVE!!! At 9PM Karloffornia time at and help me make two hours disappear like it was five minutes sorta like a DMT trip at 45 RPM!!! Art by Karl Kaos!! #intoxicaradio #howiepyro #frankieloyal #rocknroll #radio #45rpm #rhythmandblues #soul #rockabilly #surf #garagerock #luxuriamusic @karlkaos

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