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Peace, Love, and all that good stuff! QoS – “Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” Ralph Waldo Emerson WoS – Patrician – (1) A person of noble or high rank. (2) A person of very good background, education and refinement. Off Topic – The Positive Black Images Project 2018 | Book of shannonagains | Shaving your kids head as a punishment Religion talks: not being able to handle belief outside your own. Believing in the word that exclusively applies to you and your beliefs denouncing any other word. Segway → We as people tend to take one persons message/teachings and run with it believing that and only that and that is dangerous to the people you represent and service. Topic #1 – The Woes of Intellect Everybody has teachers, mentors, and/or role models in which they learn from. Nobody is original in the messages they choose to relay to others because they have to learn from someone else or even a book. Whether past or present we get our ideas from the universe and happening within the universe. The problem lies when intellectual individuals close themselves to any outside information or compromise. They believe they are untouchable and do not need to go outside their beliefs because they have found the answer. Break---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Break Topic #2 – Intro to the spectrum The spectrum takes the woes of intellect and drops people on either side of it. Example: The spectrum for white people would be Overly Afrocentric-------------Woke-----------Savior. For black people Chameleon--------------Woke----------------Angry Savior. Savior means you are trying to save all your people with no regard to anybody outside of your race. Woke is you are in overstanding or understanding of ALL realities/histories of the world. Overly Afrocentric is that white person who acts blacker than the black person on the corner slingin dope. Chameleons can blind into any community they want to identify with completely negating their blackness. Examples: Umar Johnson, Personalities from She’s Gotta Have it, Al Sharpton, The Urban League, Hillside, Boyce Watkins, MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, etc. Topic #3- Holding the Patricians Accountable Messages are highly one sided, some are divisive, most highly educated, brainwashed and a lot white washed. We have to have to keep them in the middle of the spectrum by holding them accountable. On all spectrums the middle means you are Woke to ALL the realities of the world. Being Woke is being pro-black or simply supporting my pro-blackness. Being in the middle of the spectrum means holding patricians accountable at all times, being completely critical at all times of their practices. The middle means open-mindedness with a transparent vision. It means flexibility to favor either side while still being objective and accepting of new information from different sources different than your original. Thank you for checking out this episode of Introspective Insight: The Black Wallstreet Podcast and we hope you come back next week with a new set of ears. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute and leave a quick rating and review of the show on iTunes, soundcloud, tunein radio, or stitcher. It will help us to keep delivering great content that you want to hear every week! Subscribe to Introspective Insight via iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Tunein Radio As always, #JoinTheConversation | #StayRoyal Social Media FB: RoyalFlexTheBrand | Devin Malik Anglin | RFTB: Introspective Insight Hot Topics | IG: RoyalFlexTheBrand | KingDevDoe | D.Horace Twitter: RFTB_Official | iiTalkShow | KingDevDoe Youtube: Devon Horace | Youcaring.com/RFTBinsight

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