The Venus Journey: Recoding Self-Worth, Love, and Confidence with Soul Conscious


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Venus is on a powerful journey of bringing in more of your soul's signature of love as she travels through powerful points in the cosmos. There is support for integrating more self-worth and personal value in all areas of your life as a 'light saber' of energy pulses into our human consciousness. Venus is clearing out soul wounds around where personal love, power, and not feeling worthy of love have been limiting our belief systems and life choices, especially across past lives and previous experiences of unconsciousness. All of this energy is being re-coded and re-programmed, so look to your natal Venus by sign and house placement to see where you are supported in your Divine Feminine energies rising. More to share in this episode. Sign up for weekly intuitive astrology updates and learn more about your astrology chart here: Discover more about Molly's 12 bestselling books, spiritual teachings, consciousness topics, and more: Business development support and resources for healers, spiritual experts, authors, guides, and solopreneurs: ~~~ New! 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinars ~ The major astrology of 2020 and how it will show up in your natal chart. Use code POWERFUL and get it all for $22 USD! Check it out:

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