ILPS4e26- Successfully Launch Your Product on Kickstarter; Howie Busch Speaks About His Experience With Kickstarter and Presenting The Dude Rob on Shark Tank


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Howie Busch is a seasoned Inventor, Entrepreneur, Advisor & Attorney who has experienced success in a number of related businesses. Mr. Busch designs and develops innovative consumer products, which he typically licenses to leaders in the appropriate industry. Inventions Include: - DudeRobe - Re-designed & re-engineered the bathrobe into something guys today will actually want to wear. Ran successful Kickstarter campaign that was nearly 300% funded & is now appearing on Shark Tank. - On-Hand Pillow & World's Smallest Travel Pillow, sold in airports around the world. - Ugly Christmas Blankets...the perfect holiday gift for that hard to shop for person in your life. - Wall Wobblers, the bobblehead for your wall coming to stores starting Q3 2016. Before becoming an Inventor, some other Cool Stuff I’ve done: - One of the "godfathers" of the bathroom advertising industry, Mr. Busch sold his interest in his indoor advertising company to attend law school. - By the time his second year of law school rolled around, he was negotiating NFL contracts for players like 1st Round Draft Pick Tim Green. - Negotiated UNDER ARMOUR’S first pro sports license with the NFL. - Helped little known NFL player Bill Goldberg get into professional wrestling, where he became GOLDBERG, one of the most successful and highly compensated wrestlers of all time. - Negotiated multiple World Series of Poker deals with ESPN. - Represented numerous sports broadcasters, producers and production companies, negotiating deals with ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Turner, etc.

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