Ep. 182 Joe Turney: Self-Taught Lessons for a Single Family Home Portfolio


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Joe Turney had worked for 20 years in computer software which gave him a great income, but very little retirement and wealth. Between 2005-2010 he had several close people pass away including his dad, and it was then he started realizing he was trading his life for dollars. He decided he wasn't going to do that anymore and he wanted out of the corporate rat race, the commuting, and the alarm clocks. Joe wanted a lifestyle with more freedom. He asked several people with that lifestyle what they did and they all said "real estate." He decided to go into real estate and taught himself the ropes by reading, taking online courses, and just doing. Joe's advice is to just get out, take action, and be willing to make mistakes. Join us for this podcast as Joe takes us on his personal journey of his life-style changing path into real estate.

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