45 Zach Weiss, climate change is a symptom of watercycle disturbance and we can fix it


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Water is the ultimate capital of a farmer Welcome to Investing in Regenerative Agriculture. Where I interview key players in the field of regenerative agriculture, people who are scaling up the sector by bringing in new money or scaling up the practises on the ground. If this content has been of value to you and you have the means, please become part of my Patreon community to help me grow: www.patreon.com/regenerativeagriculture Other ways to support my work: - Share the podcast - Give a 5-star rating (if you podcast app allows it) - Or buy me a coffee… or a meal! www.Ko-fi.com/regenerativeagriculture Today I’m joined by Zach Weiss of Elemental Ecosystems working on water retention landscapes. http://www.elementalecosystems.com Thank you Judith D. Schwartz for the introduction to Zach! Listen to Judith's interview here: https://soundcloud.com/investinginregenerativeagriculture/interview-judith-d-schwartz Take aways from the interview: - Climate change is a symptom of the severe water cycle disturbance and there is something we can do about it! - When the landscape isn’t being recharged with water, it leads to flooding and drought (worst case also fire) - Humans desertified 1/3 of the earth’s cover the last 10.000 years - We are carbon based life but the living part is mostly water - There is much more you (as a land owner/manager) to influence the water cycle on and above your land - Often when we talk about water we talk about big centralised water systems or the weather, Zach is focussed on decentralised water retention landscapes - Sub-irrigated, you use a lot less energy - Climate changes: everywhere the same story the precipitation is more when it comes and it comes less often - Large dams and reservoirs are very energy intensive, smaller decentralised water retention systems are much more efficient - Flood fire and drought mitigation is a sector Zach is very interested in - Zach is building a platform to franchise his model, to pilot this in 2020 - Huge opportunity for video visual content, what have we done during the last 10.000 years, and our role and our options - Could be something we all can get behind, water retention. - We can’t address climate change without addressing the water cycle disturbance - Zach tries to use most of the time with costumers on the implementation not on the consultation Links mentioned in the interview: Sepp Holzer (Austria) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepp_Holzer WIllie Smits, Borneo, brought back the rainforest and the clouds https://www.ted.com/talks/willie_smits_restores_a_rainforest/transcript Advice for investors from Zach (not investment advice): Rewriting natural resource policy management, very often what Zach wants to do is illegal. If you want to receive an email when I upload a new episode, subscribe here eepurl.com/cxU33P The above references an opinion and is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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