12-06-19: Data Shows 2020 Might Be A Tough Year For Big City Housing Markets


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According to one of the largest housing statistic databases, home sales will drop in 2020 and the housing shortage could become the worst in U.S. history.

Today's Stocks & Topics: Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), S - Sprint Corp., Jobs Report, Unemployment, Consumer Sentiment, FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy Inc., AAPL - Apple Inc., Dow Futures, New Investor, LB - L Brands Inc.

Plus: Key Benchmark Numbers and Market Comments for: Gold, Oil, Gasoline, Treasury Yields.

TRIVIA QUESTION: "Today, in the United States, our GDP is equal to about $20.5 TRILLION. Looking back over time, WHAT was our GDP in 1933 when President Roosevelt took office? And, for the years 1960 through 2018, WHAT was the AVERAGE size of the U.S. GDP?"

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