06-30-2020: 7 Reasons The Stock Market May Face A Severe Bout Of Turbulence


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The ride from here could soon get a lot bumpier and the coronavirous is only one anticipated cause.

Today's Stocks & Topics: The European Union, Ways to Build a Retirement Nest Egg, Gold, NBR - Nabors Industries Ltd., CYRXW - CryoPort Inc. Wt, GOOG - Alphabet Inc. Cl C, PCG - PG&E Corp., HYSR - Hypersolar Inc., Diversification, Albertsons IPO, IBM - International Business Machines Corp., CM - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

TRIVIA QUESTION: "Considering the gold reserves of LARGEST gold holding countries worldwide, WHICH country has the greatest gold reserves in their possession? AND--with regard to U.S. central bank holdings, gold reserves constitute WHAT PERCENTAGE?"

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