inZanity S03E05


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Welcome to inZanity S03E05

Zany is gonna broaden musical perspectives and will take you all on an insane journey across all of hard dance music.

The podcast is all about the best hardstyle, early rave, jump, trap, rawstyle and even hardcore!

It doesn’t matter what genre a track is from, if it thumps Zany will add it to his podcast!

InZanity will be broadcasted on Q-dance radio every second Thursday of the month at 7PM (CET).

You can also find this podcast on Youtube and Soundcloud!


#SEASON03 #S03E05


01. Hopex - Eternity

02. El Chombo - Dame Tu Cosita (Zany’s inZanity Mash)

03. Adrenalize - Get Up

04. KELTEK - Kick Off

05. Galactixx - Kingdom of Imagination (Official Fairytale Festival 2018 Anthem)

06. Cloud Eight - This Is Our World

07. Sickddellz feat. Alina Renae - Loves Got Me Down

08. Dany BPM - Ragga Style

09. MANDY - Gimme Your Love

10. B-Freqz ft. Jonjo - Lights

11. Theo Gobensen & Bass Agents - Ottoman

12. Dr. Rude - SNPR (2018 Refixx)

13. Orphan - Force Me Down

14. Playahitty - The Summer is Magic (TCM Bootleg)

15. Luca Teste - Energy

16. Endymion & Alfred - My Name is Alfred

17. Enemy Contact & Hardstyle Pianist ft. Sewy - Eternity

18. MYST - Before You Go (High Voltage Remix)

19. Alan Walker - Sing Me to Sleep (Deluzion Bootleg)

20. Uncaged - Bounce

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